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About Us

The Indian Students Association (ISA) is a non-profit socio-cultural association within the Student Organization's Forum at The University of Texas at Dallas. UTD is home to hundreds of Indian students. ISA represents each and every one of them and apart from striving to make everyone feel at home, miles away from home we also draw a flux of colorful Indian culture through our various programs. The purpose of the ISA is to provide an opportunity for all students of Indian origin to interact and share the joy of the culture and heritage of India, and to educate other students, by bringing awareness.

Our Composition

The Indian Students Association here at UTD represents the 1400 Indian students enrolled at our University. Every year we have more than 550 Indian students coming into our University, including Fall and Spring semesters, whom the organization guides and helps through basic amenities.




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ISA Scholarship

ISA is proud to announce that the applications for "Indian Students Association Alumni Scholarship" for Fall 2016 prospective students is open now & deadline to submit the applications is 16th May 2016.

Thanks to all the Alumni and donors who are supporting the scholarship.

You can also donate at https://alumni.utdallas.edu/isa

Scholarship Application forms are available at: http://www.utdallas.edu/student/finaid/scholarships/scholarship-listing/

Apply Soon!!!

If you have any queries regarding the scholarship, please direct your quires to the following e-Mail address: AsiaCenter@utdallas.edu


Pavan Kumar K
+1 469 919 1039
Bharat Vannekuti
Vice President
+1 612 756 5337
Gaurav Shekar
General Secretary
+1 469 831 7826
Nishita Shetty
Joint Secretary
+1 469 803 8232
Ramkumar M
Joint Secretary
+1 469 556 6384
Satya Yedurvada
+1 817 821 3661
Neha Bhansali
University Relations Officer
Harish Kairamkonda
University Relations Team
Amandeep Singh
University Relations Team
Ritu Pandey
Public Relations Officer
Rajesh Kalyan Marri
SOC Officer
Roheen Chaturvedi
Events Team
Santosh Vijayakumar
Events Team
Avinash Goud Ayyangari
Events Team
Dona Verghes
Events Team
Usha Nandhini V
Events Team
Vasu Irneni
Media, Design & Technical Team
Sayan Nandi
Media, Design and Technical Team
Arun Prasath E
Media, Design and Technical Team
Praharsha Chandra
Sports Team
Saurabh Upreti
Sports Team
Manideep Nadella
Sports Team
Gautham Muddam
Sports Team
Divyesh Suvagiya
Sports Team
Gaurav Gawali
Sports Team
Sri Ram Raju
Properties Officer



7220 McCallum Blvd, Apt 302,
Richardson, Texas 75252


President: +1 469 919 1039

Vice: +1 612 756 5337